Jan 18, 2021

Weekend Sporting Results between Glenwood High School and Clifton


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Glenwood High School vs Clifton

1st Team:  lost 48-71
2nd Team:  lost 17-27
U16A Team:  won 28-25
U15A Team:  won 27-13
U14A Team:  lost 7-23

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Glenwood High School vs Clifton

1st Team:  lost by 3 wickets
2nd Team:  won by 4 wickets
3rd Team:  won by 9 wickets
U16A Team:  lost by 127 runs
U15A Team:  won by 1 wicket
U15B Team:  won by 19 runs
U15C Team:  won by 5 wickets
U14A Team:  lost by 4 wickets
U14B Team:  lost by 6 wickets
U14C Team:  won by 118 runs


1st Team Glenwood High School 5-18 Clifton
2nd Team Glenwood High School 1-9 Clifton
3rd Team Glenwood High School 0-17 Clifton
U15A Team Glenwood High School 0-10 Clifton
U14A Team Glenwood High School 1-21 Clifton