Jan 28, 2021

Western Province Premier School Fixtures for the 2020 Season

SA Rugby U18 Craven Week at Grey College

4th APRIL 2020
Boland Landbou vsSACS
Wynberg Boys’ High School vs Paarl Gimnasium
Paul Roos Gimnasium vs Rondebosch Boys’ High School
Outeniquavs Paarl Boys’ High School
Bellvillevs Tygerberg
Brackenfellvs Durbanville
Parel Vallei vs DF Malan
Stellenbergvs Milnerton
Strandvs Fairmont
18th APRIL 2020
Diocesan CollegevsSACS
Boland LandbouvsRondebosch Boys’ High School
AffiesvsPaarl Gimnasium
Paarl Boys’ High SchoolvsWynberg Boys’ High School
Paul Roos GimnasiumvsGrey High School
DF MalanvsWP Rugby HUB
Oakdale LandbouvsDurbanville
Parel ValleivsStellenberg
Strand vsPrimrose RFC
24th APRIL 2020
Paarl Boys’ High SchoolvsAffies (Wildeklawer)
25th APRIL 2020
StellenbergvsNoord-Kaap (Wildeklawer)
Oakdale LandbouvsWaterkloof (Wildeklawer)
Paul Roos GimasiumvsHelpmekaar (Wildeklawer)
Boland LandbouvsDiamantveld (Wildeklawer)
Paarl Gimnasium vsMenlopark (Wildeklawer)
OuteniquavsMonument (Wildeklawer)
HTS DrostdyvsGlenwood (Wildeklawer)
Bellville THSvsBellville
DF MalanvsStrand
Hugenote (Wellington) vsDurbanville
27th APRIL 2020
Boland LandbouvsNoord-Kaap (Wildeklawer)
StellenbergvsWaterkloof (Wildeklawer)
Oakdale LandbouvsDiamantveld (Wildeklawer)
HTS DrostdyvsMenlopark (Wildeklawer)
Outeniqua vsAffies (Wildeklawer)
Paul Roos GimnasiumvsGlenwood (Wildeklawer)
Paarl Boys’ High School vsGarsfontein (Wildeklawer)
Paarl GimnasiumvsGrey College (Wildeklawer)
1st MAY 2020
DF MalanvsBellville THS
9th MAY 2020
BrackenfellvsDiocesan College
OuteniquavsBoland Landbou
Rondebosch Boys’ High SchoolvsPaarl Gimnasium
Paarl Boys’ High SchoolvsGrey College
Paul Roos GimnasiumvsSACS
Grey High SchoolvsWynberg Boys’ High School
Hamlets RFCvsBellville
DF MalanvsTygerberg
DurbanvillevsDe Kuilen
Stellenberg vsOakdale Landbou
StrandvsBellville THS
Parl ValleivsThe Settlers
16th MAY 2020
Diocesan CollegevsPaul Roos Gimnasium
Boland LandbouvsPaarl Boys’ High School
Paarl GimnasiumvsSACS
Rondebosch Boys’ High SchoolvsWynberg Boys’ High School
BellvillevsWorcester Gimnasium
FairmontvsDF Malan
Parel Vallei vsDurbanville
23rd MAY 2020
Diocesan CollegevsWynberg Boys’ High School
Boland LandbouvsStellenberg
Oakdale LandbouvsPaarl Gimnasium
Paul Roos GimnasiumvsPaarl Boys’ High School
SACSvsRondebosch Boys’ High School
Parel ValleivsBrackenfell
SwartlandvsDF Malan
Milnerton vsTygerberg
30th MAY 2020
Rondebosch Boys’ HighvsDiocesan College
Paarl GimnasiumvsBoland Landbou
Paarl Boys’ High SchoolvsHTS Drostdy
Wynberg Boys’ High SchoolvsSACS
Milnerton vsBrackenfell
11th JULY 2020
Diocesan CollegevsDurbanville
Wynberg Boys’ High SchoolvsBoland Landbou
Paarl GimnasiumvsPaul Roos Gimnasium
Oakdale LandbouvsPaarl Boys’ High School
BellvillevsRondebosch Boys’ High School
BredasdorpvsDF Malan
Parel ValleivsWorcester Gimnasium
18th JULY 2020
Diocesan CollegevsBoland Landbou
Paarl GimnasiumvsOuteniqua
Paarl Boys’ High SchoolvsSACS
Paul Roos GimnasiumvsWynberg Boys’ High School
Rondebosch Boys’ High School vsStellenberg
Parel ValleivsBellville
Brackenfell vsDF Malan
Hamlets RFC vsTygerberg
25th JULY 2020
SACSvsDiocesan College
Paarl GimnasiumvsHTS Drostdy/Parel Vallei
StellenbergvsPaarl Boys’ High School
Wynberg Boys’ High School vsRondebosch Boys’ High School
Hamlets RFCvsBrackenfell
DF MalanvsHermanus
TygerbergvsPrimrose RFC
1st AUGUST 2020
Diocesan CollegevsBellville
Paul Roos GimnasiumvsBoland Landbou
Paarl Boys’ High SchoolvsPaarl Gimnasium
Rondebosch Boys’ High School vsSACS
Brackenfell vsHugenote
DF MalanvsHottentots-Holland
Durbanville vsWP Rugby HUB
Parel ValleivsPearson
8th AUGUST 2020
Grey CollegevsPaul Roos Gimnasium
Wynberg Boys’ High School vsDiocesan College
15th AUGUST 2020
Diocesan CollegevsRondebosch Boys’ High School
Boland LandbouvsOakdale Landbou
SACSvsWynberg Boys’ High School
Bellville vsDF Malan
Brackenfell vsTygerberg
Stellenberg vsDurbanville

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Editor: Shana Devitt I Pegasus Publishing
Photo Credit:  Carl Fourie/Gallo Images