Jan 23, 2021

Dallas Hutton U15 Water Polo Tournament

This past weekend marked the 2nd Dallas Hutton U15 Water Polo Tournament since its revival from 2007. We had 13 teams participating in the Tournament, with emphasis on enjoyment, good sportsmanship, competitiveness and building good character. Thank you to all the schools, coaches, players, parents and sponsors who supported us and helped to make this weekend a great success.

Grey College Silver
Michaelhouse Bronze

Congratulations to Clifton on placing first, Grey College on placing 2nd and Michaelhouse on their 3rd place.


  1. Clifton
  2. Grey College
  3. Michaelhouse
  4. Westville Boys’ High School
  5. Hilton College
  6. Durban High School
  7. Clifton U14A
  8. KES
  9. Kearsney College
  10. Northwood School
  11. Maritzburg College
  12. Glenwood High School
  13. Invitational


Post by:  Shana Devitt
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Text Supplied by: Northwood School
Photo Credit:  LB Photography