Jan 17, 2021

Football Friday I Edition 1

A brief history of the KwaZulu-Natal Schools’ Football Association

The KwaZulu-Natal High Schools’ Football Association (KZNHSFA) was formed in 1995 with the aim of administering, co-ordinating, and providing a structure to organize football amongst the high schools which are its members. KZNHSFA subscribes to non-racialism and non-sexism and supports the community projects and initiatives of FIFA (Federation International Football Associations), CAF (Confederation of African Football), and SAFA (South African Football Association).

The Association was formed by a small group of football-loving teachers from a number of schools in the Durban area who met at New Forest High School to start the process of forming a body to initiate some inter-school football along similar lines to what the other sports played in high schools were doing. From these humble beginnings, over a period of years, the association formally constituted and included girls’ football as well. The association covers the whole of the province and for the boys includes 9 districts (7 for the girls) these are:

South Coast
North Durban
Central Durban
South Durban
Northern Natal

The policy of the association is:

  • That schools’ football in the affiliated schools in KwaZulu-Natal shall be played, controlled and promoted on a non-racial, non-political and democratic basis;

  • That all school-going learners up to the age of 19 in the affiliated schools shall have the right to participate in school football;

  • That the KZNHSFA shall confine its activities to football played by school-going learners in its affiliated schools; and

  • That all office bearers of the KZNHSFA serving on its Executive committee shall be fulltime educators, or fulltime employees (eg. Sport staff) of a school affiliated to the KZNHSFA.


  • To foster, encourage and provide facilities for amateur football at secondary school level in the affiliated schools in KwaZulu-Natal;

  • To commit its members to a programme of development and upliftment of the game of football at secondary school level. This will be achieved through the organization of coaching and refereeing courses; and

  • To monitor the conditions and laws by which the game of football is conducted at school level.

The projects of the Association include:

  • A number of tournaments and festivals are organized for the affiliated schools to participate in during the year. These include normal 11-a-side matches plus a 5-a-side, futsal (indoor football) and beach football.

  • A series of trials (including an inter-district tournament) are organized to select boy and girl teams to represent the KZNHSFA in an end of season tour/tournament. KZNHSFA confirms official recognition to the selected players and coaches.

  • Representative teams for boys and girls are selected to represent KZNHSFA at under 14, under 15, under 16 and under 19 levels.

  • Coaching and refereeing courses are organized, open to adults, and learners from affiliated schools.

It has been a privilege for me as the founding Chairman of the Association to have led it over the years and to now hand over the Chairmanship to Mr. Dan Haswell.

Dr. T.L. Cowie