Oct 23, 2020

Coaches Corner with Flash Malinga

1.  Flash, tell us more about your current occupation. What do you do and what sport do you look after?

I’m a High School Mathematics and IsiZulu teacher at HeronBridge College. I am also a Schoolboy Rugby coach.

2.  HeronBridge offers a variety of sport. How well placed is rugby at the College?

HeronBridge College offers several sporting codes which are all taken seriously, rugby is enjoyed at the College, you can clearly see the passion for the sport from the coaches and players.

3.  Where would you like to see HeronBridge’s rugby programme in the near future?

Rugby is certainly growing at HeronBridge College, I would like to see the school competing with the top rugby playing schools in the province. With hard work and dedication this vision is possible.

4.  The Golden Lions is a growing franchise. How has the system enhanced the players who have represented the U18 Academy team?

The Union, with the guidance of Tinus Diedericks (Lions Schools Chairman) runs productive High-Performance Sessions where players are identified as potential Academy or Craven Week future players. These players are equipped with necessary skills needed to perform at a higher level. There is also a program called Lions Presidents which is run by Timmy Goodwin – it focuses on the Development players in the union and ensures that these players get the opportunities to show case their talents against the best schools in the country.

5.  There is plenty of talent in South Africa. How challenging is it to find the correct players for the available positions as you can only select a certain number?

South Africa is blessed with talent. I believe if the correct players are selected in each union, especially at U16 Grant Khomo and U17 level it then becomes easier for SA Selectors to spot them and pull them into the EPD1 and EPD2 Camps (Elite Players Development Camps).

6.  Are there some strong backline prospects coming through the Lions ranks?

Yes, players such as Wandisile Simelane and Tyrone Green are definitely ones to keep an eye on. They have come through the ranks within the Lions system and it won’t be long before they are noticed by SA Rugby.

7.  Have you seen growth in rugby in SA generally speaking?

Yes, if you look at the crowd the schoolboys attract every weekend and during the various Rugby Festivals you can see that as a country, we are doing something right. Every year we look forward to new talent.

8.  What changes (if any) would you like to see being made to improve rugby in SA?

I would like more teachers involved in this beautiful game. My best coaches have been school teachers. Rugby coaching is not just technical, it has more to do with the relationships one forms with the players be it on or off the field of play.

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