Jan 26, 2021

Coaches Corner with Dauw Steyn

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1.  Dauw, you have always been passionate about rugby. Do you feel the idea behind coaching players goes beyond just playing the game?

Most DEFINITELY!!! You are not just a rugby coach, but a life coach as well. Players when they trust you and feel free to share personal problems with you, you must know what to do in those situations. Sometimes if personal not too get too involved and say to much to your player, but rather call in the parents and have a conversation about the problem. You must resolve problems bothering your players at a young level, because it influences their performance on the field and in the class badly.

2.  You had a few injuries through your playing career. How did you stay above the frustration of not always being able to play as often as you would have liked?

I definitely had injuries that I feel kept me away from wearing the Springbok jersey, but just maybe that’s not God’s plan for my life, but I realised even when coaching and playing rugby in Hong Kong I am blessed with a talent for coaching as well. Coaching players that doesn’t understand english was a very big challenge, luckily I had an assistant coach who translated for me the whole time.

3.  You’ve played for the Lions, Sharks, Leopards and Valke as a flyhalf. Why do you like that physical contact for the position you play?

Every union I played for is special in their own unique way and have their own unique style of play. From school I was a kicking flyhalf, so yes going to the Bulls was maybe a better option, but I signed at the Sharks and wanted to live at the sea. I was blessed to be coached by Braam van Straaten, Deon Keyser, Swys de Bruyn and Sean Everett. I also made good mates in my time at the Sharks and I really enjoyed playing there. When I left the Sharks to go to the Lions I then started playing inside centre more often.

4.  Your time at the Sharks was eventful. Do you feel that was the start of many good things to begin for you?

DEFINITELY!!! Playing in the same team as Patrick Lambie, Tian Meyer, Mark Richards, Rosco Specman and Ross Cronje to name a few and to be coached by Sean Everett really improved me as a player. Swys de Bruyn definitely made a massive difference in my decision making and skills set as a player. He is just a mastermind when it comes to the technical side of things.

5.  You also played for College Rovers and coached at Northwood School. Is there still lots of potential for growth in both places?

“Once a Rover, Always a Rover.”  College Rovers is a club which will always hold a very special place in my heart. It’s not a rugby club, it is family!!! I can’t comment too much on Northwood School, but I do know that growth at Northwood is already taking place in their rugby department. Grant Bashford and his team of coaches definitely put in the hard yards and it’s evident in some of their results this year.

6.  Tell us a bit more about your rugby academy. Where is it based and what age groups do you cater for?

My rugby academy is called the DAUW STEYN RUGBY ACADEMY which was started 6 years ago in Durban. Daryl Scott from Shosholoza Sport at that time really helped me a lot from a business point of view. He gave me input and helped with with ideas on how growth can take place. He put a lot into my rugby academy and I will forever be so grateful to him and his team. I have coaches working for me in Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg. We really want to expand to Cape Town in 2020, but I will do my homework first and then go for it where there is a need for development of young rugby players. We cater for players between the ages of 8-16 years old.

7.  You are more than just a rugby player; you’re involved with Children’s Homes and charity work. Would you say educating people about rugby is your main aim?

No, I believe in coaching the person inside the player before you try to coach him the rugby side of things. If things are in place off the field, everything will be in place on the field. That I strongly believe in. Boys must know they must learn respect for others, for older people and their parents. They must thank their parents for what they have done for them and given them. Also not be too manly to think you can’t hug and kiss your mother and father and tell them everyday that you love them very much. All our parents need to hear those words!!!

8.  You have done motivational speaking. What stimulated you to get involved in that?

It started with a social coffee and a chat with my friend former Stormers flyhalf, Gary van Aswegen. He said bud you actually have a talent to make people feel so good about themselves and I think that’s why you are such a good coach. Then on my way home that stuck with me and I began to think it’s actually true. I love to motivate people, especially youngsters. I have spoken a few times and also at church services a few times. I really enjoy doing it now and then. I just love to see people smile!!!

9.  You also do radio work. Is it only rugby talk and on what station do we find you?

I do radio work, but only on invitation. I was invited by a few radiostations and also newspapers for interviews. I enjoyed the radio interviews and sharing stories on air with listeners. Luckily the feedback from the listeners are that they want me on air a bit more, so I will see if there can maybe be an opportunity to do more radio work or even start a radio show as my own in the new year.

Ending off:
I must just mention how great the Tshwane 10’s were over last weekend. Great initiative by the Blue Bulls Rugby Union. I played for the Rhino SA Barbarians team in honour of Chester Williams. Other teams played for Joost and also James Small. It’s important to remember the legends that made other countries respect the Springbok emblem and Springbok rugby. I must say that I know where my strength comes from and that all glory I give to GOD who blessed me with talent and passion for what I do. He also blessed me with amazing parents I just love so very much. The glory is GOD’S alone!!!

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