Jan 28, 2021

Coaches Corner with Dusty Noble

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1. If you could reflect on the past couple of rugby seasons Hillcrest High School has had, would you say that you are satisfied with the growth and are you looking forward to what can be achieved in the coming years?

The most satisfying thing for me was that I could add value to the jersey and to make the boys believe that they good win games. I look forward to growing rugby in Hillcrest, where we can have boys representing provincial teams.

2.   KwaZulu-Natal is competitive and school boy rugby is very popular at the moment. What is Hillcrest High School’s approach to ensuring that the brand of rugby played is what you are looking to get out of each player?

We try to equip our boys to play a brand of rugby that is exciting to watch, in an environment where there is no fear of failure.

3.   It is often said that schools base their identity solely on their rugby results. Is that something you feel strongly about or are you opting for a more holistic approach to your rugby programme?

Under the leadership of our Headmaster we have moved away from putting rugby on a pedestal, in the past most schools use to get that route but I think we are setting our boys up to fail if we do. Rugby is what we enjoy playing but it is not who we are.

4.   Tell us what has been a highlight of the past season for Hillcrest High School’s rugby?

The highlight will definitely be winning our annual Derby Day vs Kloof High School.

5.   The topic that is on everyone’s minds is obviously the Rugby World Cup. Do you believe it will live up to expectations?

I don’t know what everyone’s expectations are but if it is that the Springboks will win then they are not too far off.

6.   In terms of the Springbok team composition, do we have the right balance between youth and experience and who do you feel will make it to the illustrious final?

I think Rassie selected the best players so it’s up to them to go out and merit their selections.

7.   Club rugby is strong in Durban. If you could give us a thought on what has been Crusaders (Durban North) key to success over so many years?

At Crusaders our aim is to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, we want to create an environment where guys enjoy each others company and look forward to coming to practices.

8.   Do you feel South African club rugby is in a good place or is growth needed?

I think club rugby is strong in SA, if you take a look at the crowds at the Murray Cup, it is alive and well.

9.   You are involved in schoolboy rugby as well as club rugby. Would you say your involvement in so many aspects is purely down to what rugby brings to the community and to you personally?

Rugby has been part of me growing up, coaching rugby is not a job for me, it’s what I love to do. It also gives me the opportunity to be the coach that I always wanted as a player.

10.   In terms of the Currie Cup, have you been surprised by the brand of rugby that has been on display and who is going to win this year’s competition?

The quality of rugby in the Currie Cup has been better than the last few years, mainly because of an improvement by the smaller unions.

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