Mar 5, 2021

2021 Fairweather Rugby Festival

The Fairweather U14 and U16 Rugby Festival will be held at Hilton College from the 8th to the 11th April, 2021.

The invitation is to rugby teams from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The schools may choose to enter their U16A & U14A rugby teams.

Each team will play 3 matches (each match is 3 x 20 minutes), as per the programme below.  All teams will stay & play at Hilton College (no travelling).

Excellent accommodation and food in a safe and secure beautiful campus.

The 2021 Fairweather Rugby Festival DATES are as follows:

Arrive & Register – Thursday morning 8th April 2021
Own practice time
Supper – Thursday 8th April

Breakfast – Friday 9th April 2021 
x 1 match

Lunch – Friday 9th April
Own practice time
Supper – Friday 9th April

Rugby Coaching presentation for Coaches #1 at Hilton College

Breakfast – Saturday 10th April 2021 
x 1 match

Lunch – Saturday 10th April
Own practice time
Supper – Saturday 10th April                                                                                   
Rugby Coaching presentation for Coaches #2 at Hilton College

Breakfast – Sunday 11th April
x 1 match

Depart – Sunday morning 11th April (after your match)           

TOTAL COST is R 2 300 per person. This cost per team includes x 3 nights’ accommodation and x 8 meals at Hilton College, plus medics, x 2 coaching presentations, x 2 fields, and referees’ levy.

The VISION, AIMS, AND VALUES of the Fairweather Rugby Festival are:
*  to allow the players to grow in confidence and enjoy themselves at an affordable Festival.
*  to develop their skills to play the modern game.
*  to build a strong team culture across each school’s rugby “club”
*  and to stimulate their “thinking rugby brains,” against quality, disciplined, like-minded schools.

Keith Fairweather
Festival Organiser

Shana Devitt I Editor