Jan 16, 2021

Curro School boasts evergreen rugby field

Turftech awarded the construction of the first official artificial rugby field in South Africa.

With more than 400 synthetic rugby fields around the world certified to World Rugby Standards, South Africa has been slow to adopt this concept into its own rugby market. Both the hockey and the soccer markets have installed numerous FIH and FIFA certified fields respectively over the years and reaped the benefits that the consistent field quality offers the players.

South Africa has finally taken the plunge thanks to the vision of Curro Holdings Ltd. who decided to install a full-size synthetic turf rugby field at their flagship school in Durbanville, Cape Town. This is not a first for Curro Holdings Ltd. Who also installed Africa’s first full-size synthetic rugby field certified to World Rugby Standards at their school in Windhoek, Namibia – Curro Windhoek Gymnasium. This was installed in 2017 and Curro knows only too well the benefits of having a consistently lush grass surface to play on all year round, not to mention the environmental benefits of not having to constantly water the natural fields to keep them playable especially in times of water shortage.


Curro appointed Turftech, a leader in both natural and synthetic turf technology to undertake this pioneering project and Turftech has partnered with Rhino-Turf to adopt their unique rugby turf product, Vt60 which is the same turf product used at the Curro school in Windhoek. A tried and tested system which has also been widely used around the world including the UK, Italy, Singapore, and the UAE.

KLS Consulting Engineers (Primary Consulting Engineers to Curro Holdings Ltd) provided an overall design for the field which has to conform to World Rugby Standards, design also included a custom underground drainage and pavement system.

The project was slightly delayed due to the Covid-19 shutdown, but it is now completed and no doubt the rugby players at Curro Durbanville will be keen to charge onto the field and join Reggie the Rhino who has been overseeing the installation.

Shana Devitt I Editor
Email:  shana@pegasuspublishing.co.za

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