Jan 24, 2021

Return to school rugby, 2021

Credit: Martin Ashworth

SARU and SASRA officials held a virtual meeting on Tuesday 12 January 2021 to discuss the impact of the current level 3 adjusted lockdown regulations and the second wave of Covid-19 on the way forward for school’s rugby in 2021.

It was decided that all rugby activities are suspended, including training until 8 February 2021.

SASRA, with the help of SA Rugby will monitor the transmission and infection status of the virus in the country on an ongoing basis during the time of suspension as well as when rugby training and match play returns.

When rugby returns to training the following structured approach will be adopted to ensure that the safety of the players is taken into consideration:

  • Phase 1: A minimum of 4 weeks of non-contact training. The emphasis during this time will be focused on fitness and strength.
  • Phase 2: Following phase 1 (and if permitted by the relevant authoritative bodies) a minimum of 4 weeks gradual integration of contact training.

Therefore schoolboy rugby will return at the earliest in the week commencing 5th April, 2021.