Mar 5, 2021

Maritzburg College class of 2020 outshines themselves

Mr and Mrs Maharaj with Ishalin (College’s Dux for 2020) who was placed 2nd in the district, and Maritzburg College staff;
Mrs Jeanette Finnie (Deputy Head: Academics) and Mr Chris Luman (Headmaster)

Maritzburg College congratulates the Class of 2020 on their excellent matric results – the best the school has seen in more than ten years with a 100% pass rate!

As a school, we pride ourselves on preparing our boys for their futures through a well-rounded holistic and excellent education experience, and 2020 was without a doubt, a very challenging year. Full credit to our boys for their hard work, dedication, commitment and determination.

Academic achievement is traditionally measured by examination results, and at College, while we highlight the achievements of our top pupils, we also celebrate with pride the individual achievements of every pupil.

We also acknowledge with gratitude the vital role played by the teachers and family members who have taught, mentored, supported and encouraged these young men over the last 5 years.

We are especially proud of the Class of 2020 who have risen above the difficulties that COVID-19 presented, and shown true College grit, determination and resilience. This is reflected through their outstanding academic achievements:

Maritzburg College Matric Results in Summary:

  • 100% pass rate
  • 89% of our matriculants have achieved a Bachelor’s Degree pass
  • 410 subject distinctions
  • 1 boy received eight distinctions
  • 12 boys received seven distinctions
  • 60 boys received three distinctions or more

Special mention must be made of our 2020 Dux, Ishalin Maharaj, who received 7 A symbols and was placed 2nd in the district, and Sandesh Kidsingh who achieved 8 A’s. Sixty of our boys achieved 3 or more Distinctions, and 12 boys obtained 7 Distinctions.

Our top achievers for 2020 are:

8 Distinctions S Kidsingh
7 Distinctions I Maharaj, M Zunckel, T Katzenellenbogen, M Smith, S Zondi, P Elliot, Z Osman, H Moosa, Y Atwaru, M Darch, K Hough and T Mohabir
6 Distinctions T Mbatha, AJ Westley, Y Naidoo, J Muggleton, J Moses
5 Distinctions T Thulsie, N Bengu, J Du Toit, R Hassim, H Mewalall, LV Mosiea, R Price
4 Distinctions J Bense, D Bruyns, M Kelly, J Lowe, D Moodley, G Nel, B Pepworth, X Pretorius, N Qwabe, T Rasmussen, C Venter
3 Distinctions R Akerman, H Alli, H Anderson, O Beauclerk, J Cumming, L de Rose, B Dry, M Els, C Groeneveld, W Horn, U Kweyama, B Mazoue, N Mndaweni, M Moosa, L Muller, N Ndlovu, U Ngcobo, Z Nzimande, T Phiri, C Shaw, L Skhosana, M Thomas, I Vally, N Whatmore

There were 410 subject distinctions and with the following boys being placed first in their respective subjects:
ACCN Y Atwaru (94)
AFRFA C Van Heerden (95)
AGSCI M Smith (82)
BUSTU T Mohabir (92)
CATN M Thomas (84)
DRAM H Mewalall (88)
ECON HM Moosa (100)
EGD M Smith (96)
ENGHL T Katzenellenbogen (93)
GEOG J Bense (81)
HIST T Katzenellenbogen (86)
INFT M Els (91)
LIFE J Bense & R Hassim (93)
LFSC I Maharaj (92)
MATH I Maharaj (97)
MLIT K Hlatshwayo (91)
MUSIC A Westley (89)
PHSC I Maharaj (92)
VSLA Z Osman (93)
ZULFA L Mosiea (87)

We take this opportunity to wish the class of 2020 all the very best in their future endeavors and thank them once again for their significant contribution to College.

Pro Aris et Focis