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Shana Devitt
Mobile: 082 258 3839
Email:  shana@pegasuspublishing.co.za


1. Do you follow Pegasus Publishing on their social media platforms and if so, what sets us apart from the rest?

2. Pegasus Publishing has been producing your official fixture programmes for a number of years now. What effect and role do you feel this has played with the parents – players and coaching staff in general?


Chairman of the Golden Lions High School Association

1. Yes I do. Rugby with such a large following in South Africa and around the world is such a news making activity that it is enjoyable to follow what is going on out there. More so when it focuses on what is happening in areas where some of the news worthy items don’t make it into the mainstream news. The fact that Pegasus Publishing covers some of this unknown news is highly appreciated.

2. Information is one of the wheels which turn society. We need to get the information related to rugby out there. The booklet published is an extremely useful tool which contains and makes all the relevant information regarding rugby within a province available in one place – from provincial to club to schools. At any given time all those involved with the sport in the province have access.


Director of Rugby at St John’s College

1. Yes I do follow Pegasus Publishing on all their social media platforms. Their delivery and information is such a useful tool.

2. In terms of keeping up to date with the rest and planning thoroughly there is no one better out there that makes it easier than Pegasus Publishing.


1st team Rugby coach at HeronBridge College and Golden Lions Academy Week Head Coach.

1. Yes I definitely follow the page. It keeps me updated on what is happening in Schools Rugby.

2. Useful information which is easily accessible is shared with the Rugby Community. This plays a major role, as the saying goes: knowledge is power.


Head of Sport Development at HeronBridge College

1. Indeed I do. It most certainly is my go to source of information regarding school rugby and rugby in general. There are also regular blogs about school coaches and players which never disappoint!!

2. It’s so much easier for family members and the community to keep up to date with fixtures. It’s also an amazing tool in terms of planning the season – even the alumni now know when to come and share in the rugby excitement.


Head of Cricket and Hockey at Wits University

1. Yes I do. I enjoy the articles and community engagement. South African Sport needs buy in from people that come from all walks of life and from all our communities. The closer the game gets to the community the faster it will grow.

2. School boy rugby has become a brand on its own is SA. All stakeholders want to stay informed and in the know. A media publication like Pegasus Publishing does a great job in the marketing the brand that is school boy rugby. Long may that continue!!


Springbok Women’s captain

1. Pegasus Publishing provides a great platform for young rugby players and current news on the sport. It’s also a fantastic platform that shines the light on great talent.


Deputy Principal at Glenwood High School and the 2020 Kwazulu-Natal High Schools Rugby Association Chairman

1. I certainly do follow Pegasus Publishing on all their social media platforms in order to stay updated on all rugby matters. I especially enjoy the blogs where features are done on players etc.

. The programme has become sought after by schools as a one stop programme with all the KZN high schools’ fixtures. The schools are also keen to showcase what their school can offer in the programme. It has given the KZN High Schools Rugby Association a very professional edge and it has certainly put us on the map. The boys, parents and the coaches absolutely love it. Long may it continue!!


Head of Department at Kearsney College and 2020 Kwazulu-Natal High Schools Rugby Association Chairman

Thanks to Pegasus Publishing, schools and spectators are now more aware of the fixtures across KZN. Schoolboys not playing on a Saturday can now watch other schools play. Spectators can plan to watch holiday festival games at their leisure. The contact details in the programme also makes communication easier between the schools. Sometimes coaches need filler fixtures for their schools and are able to check availability of schools via the programme. It has no doubt become a very handy and essential tool for us to have.


Director of Sports at Westville Boys’ High School

1. Pegasus is well and truly the professional gold standard. The company continues to grow from strength to strength because of their emphasis on relationships and exceptional service.

2. Pegasus is a wonderful tool to help coaches better prepare and stay up to date with all the latest fixtures and news.


1st Team Rugby Coach at Westville Boys’ High School

1. I have followed Pegasus Publishing for many years now and just love the handbooks they publish each year. It’s so good to have all the fixtures from school to clubs on hand.

2. It’s not just the simplicity but also how professional Pegasus have been. Easy to find fixtures. Thank you for the great work.


1st Team Rugby Coach at Westville Boys’ High School

1. Yes I do. I love Pegasus Publishing and personally I spent so much time in Johannesburg. I love being able to keep tabs on what’s going on there and results etc.

2. The Pegasus Publishing Rugby Fixture Programme is a very professional programme and for KZN to be able to know that this is an area that is covered yearly and of a high calibre, is absolutely fantastic!!


Director of Sport at Ashton International College Ballito

1. Yes I do follow Pegasus Publishing on social media. They provide the very best up to date sporting content especially with regards to local rugby from across South Africa.

2. From an Ashton International College point of view, Pegasus Publishing has allowed us to elevate our sporting footprint within KZN as well as across South Africa. Being a part of the rugby program has allowed our school to be seen by the public eye increasing our popularity as one of the top co-educational institutions in KZN. Our players and coaches enjoy the program as it allows us to stay up to date with the latest fixtures and news.


High-Performance Recruitment Manager at Maritzburg College

Shana does an amazing job for all of us. She makes my life easier as I am informed well in advance for where to go for my recruitment trips with fixtures. These programmes are a “must have” for any rugby playing school. I am really thankful of her and for all the great work she does.


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