U13 Craven Week Fixtures and Results

Dates: 17th June - 21st June 2024
Venue: Hoërskool Menlopark
Photo credit: Johan Orton
All the fixtures and results for the U13 Craven Week can be found here:
21 June Results
U13A Free State 38-33 South Western Districts
U13A Griquas 23-10 Border
U13A Sharks 17-3 Eastern Province
U13A Leopards 21-12 Valke
U13A Limpopo Blue Bulls 62-0 Zimbabwe
U13A Namibia 52-0 Border Country Districts
U13A Blue Bulls 21-17 Western Province
U13A Golden Lions 26-7 Boland
U13B Blue Bulls 31-12 Sharks
U13B Western Province 26-12 Boland
U13B South Western Districts 22-19 Golden Lions
U13B Free State 24-17 Valke
U13B Eastern Province 34-7 Griffons
U13B Border 12-7 Limpopo Blue Bulls
U13B Leopards 24-19 Pumas
20 June Results
U13A Limpopo Blue Bulls 34-5 Namibia
U13A Valke 52-0 Zimbabwe
U13A Leopards 53-5 Border Country Districts
U13A Griquas 15-22 Eastern Province
U13A Sharks 36-24 Border
U13A Pumas 12-31 Free State
U13A South Western Districts 31-10 Griffons
U13A Boland 5-32 Blue Bulls
U13A Western Province 36-24 Golden Lions
U13B Eastern Province 12-24 Pumas
U13B Valke 36-12 Leopards
U13B Free State 17-10 Griffons
U13B South Western Districts 26-16 Border
U13B Golden Lions 41-3 Limpopo Blue Bulls
U13B Blue Bulls 10-24 Western Province
U13B Boland 47-21 Sharks
18 June Results
U13A Leopards 53-0 Zimbabwe
U13A Border 17-20 Eastern Province
U13A Valke 57-7 Border Country Districts
U13A Sharks 24-17 Limpopo Blue Bulls
U13A Namibia 15-39 Griquas
U13A Golden Lions 36-7 Griffons
U13A Golden Lions 36-7 Griffons
U13A Blue Bulls 52-0 Free State
U13A Boland 43-17 Pumas
U13A Western Province 34-8 South Western Districts
U13B Pumas 7-22 Limpopo Blue Bulls
U13B Griffons 7-13 Valke
U13B Eastern Province 10-14 Free State
U13B Sharks 26-18 Border
U13B Western Province 13-11 Golden Lions
U13B Blue Bulls 19-12 South Western Districts
U13B Boland 40-0 Leopards
17 June Results
U13A Zimbabwe 12-29 Namibia
U13A Border 12-14 Griffons
U13A Pumas 50-0 Border Country Districts
U13A South Western Districts 15-12 Leopards
U13A Golden Lions 20-10 Valke
U13A Blue Bulls 60-7 Eastern Province
U13A Sharks 19-36 Free State
U13A Boland 42-12 Limpopo Blue Bulls
U13A Western Province 36-12 Griquas
U13B Eastern Province 15-19 Leopards
U13B South Western Districts 19-7 Griffons
U13B Boland 36-5 Valke
U13B Sharks 31-7 Limpopo Blue Bulls
U13B Pumas 0-46 Blue Bulls
U13B Western Province 38-7 Free State
U13B Golden Lions 10-8 Border
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